Dear Millennials, I want you to skip past the excruciatingly slow road I went down and zip straight to being the manager everyone wants to work for and with. That’s a Compassionate Manager. The one who incorporates both compassion and accountability in every action, reaction and interaction. It’s a management philosophy with core tenets that, when implemented, enable you to fully show up and lead with confidence. It can be fun, meaningful, and lucrative. (Let’s not underestimate the value of having a healthy salary.) Everyone has the potential for true managerial leadership, whether you’re managing for the first time or have been for 10 years. Our style of day-to-day management evolves as we gain experience, but the foundation of compassion ensures a consistent and effective approach to bringing out the best in ourselves and in others. The result is collaboration, loyalty, and creativity that impacts brands and businesses in a meaningful (read $$) way.